Opening Ceremony will take place at Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile

Tuesday 4th at 18:00h

Address: Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 390, 8320165 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.
How to arrive: Metro line 1, Universidad Católica station

The Closing Gala Dinner will take place
at the prestigious W Hotel

A great stylish and sophisticated hotel in Las Condes

Friday 7th at 20:00h

Address: Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Las Condes. Great Room, Level -3 Convention Center.
How to arrive: Walking from the nearby Partner Hotels
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Gala Dinner

Visit Santa Rita Winery

Thursday 6th at 15:00h


Discover this historic winery located at the feet of the Andes and within one of the most important wine producing areas of the country, the Maipo valley.
During your visit you will explore the winery´s modern bottling plant and the oldest wine cellars of the country which during Chile´s Independence sheltered the 120 brave patriots who were lead by Bernardo O´Higgins. If you wish to continue enjoying this exquisite wines, you will also have the opportunity of visiting its attractive wine shop.

The tour will start at 16:15h, but the shuttle service will leave at 15:00h from the Universidad Católica de Chile.

You can make your reservation here, and take advantage of a 5% discount by adding the code: AIESEP2023

Visit Mapuche Community

Monday 3rd at 10:30h

Mapuche are the largest indigenous groups in Chile, comprising about 84 per cent of the total indigenous population. The majority of Mapuche people live in Chile’s cities, mainly Concepción, Temuco and Santiago. The Mapuche community “Petu Mongeleiñ Mahuidache” is located in the commune of El Bosque in the Metropolitan Region. It has a Ceremonial Center made up of four ‘ruka’ (traditional Mapuche houses) and is currently managed by several Mapuche communities in collaboration. Their administrative relationship is managed between the municipality of El Bosque and the self-management work that they themselves do. This community is made up of people who decades ago had to emigrate from the countryside to the city and who have raised their families in Santiago. It is a space for revitalization and resistance in the context of the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile. In this space, various activities are carried out to strengthen the Mapuche people in Santiago and to make aspects of the Mapuche culture known to all people.

The space to visit the Mapuche community “Petu Mongeleiñ Mahuidache” includes: Visit to the space, conversation about Mapuche themes in a ‘ruka’ around the fire, accompanied by sopaipillas and wheat coffee and the delivery of a small souvenir of the visit. The visit will be guided by the keynote Carolina Kürüf Poblete Gálvez. Carolina Kürüf Poblete Gálvez is a woman indigenous Mapuche and an academic at the University of Santiago, Chile.

The visit costs 7000 Chilean pesos ($8.70 USD) for the Mapuche community and 24000 Chilean pesos ($29.80 USD) for transportation (total 31000 Chilean pesos or $38.50 USD). A group transport option will leave from the Abba hotel, confirmed once numbers are established.

Places are limited so get in early. Payment deadline 23rd June.

For more information email Carla Luguetti and lisahunter: or

To register, please follow the next steps:

  1. Login to ConfTool:
  2. Click Overview
  3. Scroll down to “Edit Your Participant Registration Details”.
  4. Scroll down to Pre-Conference and Mapuche Village Visit.
  5. Click on the boxes you would like to add to your registration.