AIESEP 2023 Pre-conference - Early Career Network Workshop

July 4th – 10 am – 1 pm

Early Career Network Workshop organisers: Carla Luguetti, Carla Vidoni and Kristy Howells

Introduction and context:

Academia can have a variety of meanings across contexts and phases of scholars´ careers. The purpose of the session is to provide a space for conversation among scholars from diverse countries about the complexities, intricacies, and possibilities of multiple roles in an academic career. We would invite previous Early Career Scholar award winners (formally Young Scholar Award) to participate in and run some of the workshops. The intention is to cultivate a learning community of Early Career Scholars and turn the workshop into a SIG in the future.

Also, the session seeks to offer a basis for networking, especially for welcoming scholars from Latin American countries who are attending the AIESEP conference for the first time. The workshops will be designed as an interactive friendly space where translation to Portuguese and Spanish will be available informally. In this workshop, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss with international scholars about challenges, opportunities, and strategies used to develop academic roles. The session will be organized in three moments:


1st moment (9 am-9:45 am): Conversation with Professor Doune Macdonald

  • career management and progression
  • balancing responsibilities in teaching, research and service
  • future trajectories of higher education


Break – 15min – networking


2nd moment (10:00-11:30): Rotational/parallel group discussions (45 min each – total 1h30 min)

  1. Becoming a quality reviewer: discussing the why(s) and how(s) to review papers ethically and assertively; sharing experiences of reviewing papers; discussing principles for reviewing.

Early Career Scholar award winners: Cassandra Iannucci and Kelly Simonton



  1. International collaboration: identifying and discussing challenges and opportunities for international research; raising contextual factors that facilitate/hinder research; convergences and divergences in research topics.

Early Career Scholar award winners: Jenna Lorusso, Heidi J Ferreira and Luiz Gustavo Bottanatto Rufino (Developing Country Award winner)


Break – 15min – networking


3rd moment (11:45 am- 12:30 pm): Conversation with Professor Ann MacPhail

  • research integrity
  • capturing the experiences of PhD candidates
  • capacity for supervision